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A diversified global investor, driven by independence,
and sustained by discipline

Ohuasi Investment is an investment boutique and management firm, with its in Angola, which manages more than $100 million in assets. We seek to pursue a diverse array of investment strategies across industry sectors, asset classes, and geographies.

At Ohuasi, our mission is clear – to deliver the alternative investment industry’s highest quality returns to our investors while maintaining a commitment to our principles of integrity, discipline, and excellence.

We operate with clarity of purpose, striving to maintain alignment with our investors and working with the expectation that our people will conduct themselves with professionalism and respect for our core values. Our teams manage a number of different strategies including rates, macro, credit, mortgages and asset-backed securities, and commodities.

We believe in constantly improving how we operate, striving to develop leading talent, resources, and processes.


Our Leadership

Augusto Baptista
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Pedro Esquecido
Head of Invesment

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Celesta Bernard
Head of Internal Control and Compliance

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Akiules Neto
Chief Financial and Investment Officer

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José Ninguém
Head of Trading and Global Markets

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Luís Esgotado
Head of Legal and People

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