1. Principles: 


1.1 Our objectives and values:



Ohuasi aims to build a financial boutique with a high level of personalization and sophistication in offering solutions and services to clients and with the expertise to identify and capitalize on the most attractive opportunities available in the market, creating a trusted local and regional brand that translates longevity, performance and compliance.


Ohuasi values and rewards meritocracy, ethics, loyalty and honesty. In our relationship with clients and the market, we value:


Transparency: we ensure that clear and accessible financial information is made available. We believe that transparency is fundamental for investor confidence and for making informed decisions.


Responsibility: as a financial institution we take responsibility for our actions, always acting in the best interests of our clients and maintaining high ethical standards.


Innovation: we constantly look for new ways and innovative ways to improve our financial services and products, making them more efficient, accessible and beneficial to society as a whole.

1.2 Ethics and integrity

Our clients always come first. As financial operators, we have permanent and dynamic mechanisms to mitigate possible conflicts of interest.

Our business is always carried out in compliance with the law, regulations and other legal and corporate governance standards, ensuring that modern compliance procedures are in place to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

1.3 Diversity and inclusion

As a company in its time, we value and promote diversity. We know that it allows us to welcome talent from all backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives to create an equitable and enriching environment where everyone has equal opportunity and growth. Ohuasi's inclusion is not just a policy, but an ongoing commitment to equality, respect and representation at every level and in every decision.

1.4 Sustainable business

The future is in business sustainability. We are therefore committed to building and undertaking with environmental and social responsibility in order to generate profits for our stakeholders.